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Welcome to Rolling Thunder

We are a community whose main goal is to encourage the growth of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other grappling disciplines in Botswana. All are welcome and we do not charge for lessons. Come and try it out.

GI & No GI Classes

We have both GI and No GI BJJ classes, offered in a safe, clean space for both men and women. You are welcome for either class.


We train and compete across the continent. Even though joining the competition team is optional, we encourage you to try it.

All Levels Welcome

Whether you are a seasoned grappler or just curious about how grappling can enrich your life, you are welcome at Rolling Thunder Grappling.
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Our Philosophy

We aim to grow the sports of Jiu-Jitsu in Botswana. Our members are people from different walks of life, of different ages, with different levels of athleticism - we all sweat and learn together.

BJJ in Gaborone, the capital of beautiful Botswana.
They’re yet an emerging community of approx. 30 practitioners, happy to welcome any of youse to share your knowledge while spending a good time together. Grapple with the lions, rhinos and elephants and enjoy the roasting temperatures

-  Piotr Gallagher,

Piotr Gallagher
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Take charge of your health and wellbeing today while building long lasting bonds with your training partners.

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Come and train with us and see for yourself how Jiu Jitsu can enrich your life. Your health both mental and physical will improve - that is guranteed. Your journey starts here!
Plot 2884 Ext 10. Gaborone